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By 2015, China's 37-Years Reform is now globally recognized as a successful model of economic transformation since 1978. It has generated growth rates averaging almost 9.2 percent per year for the past three decades.

China's Foreign Exchange Reserves rises in World's No. 1 up to 6.1 US$ trillions by the end of October 2014. According to the Xinhua News, China update of 2015, BEIJING -- Foreign-funded enterprises have invested a total of 4.28 trillion US dollars in China as of the end of 20011, 27.1 percent up year-by-year, the State Administration For Industry and Commerce (SAFIC) said.

Nearly 95 percent of US Fortune 500 corporations are investing in China, the rest of all MNCs from other countries are in similar or par with percentage recorded.

We heard of numerous stories about foreign winners and losers in the duration of these three decades in Mainland China. Are you one of the witnesses? We are sure that you were one of the following:

1. a winner (a faulty guy), but not that mean of fully success or partly-success because you were notthat excellent game player as expected by your headquarter,

2. a loser, not that simply defined as losing, it came with painful and regretful, but either continue tofight for success or ready to surrender,

3. a balancer, it seemed equalizing but not that positively mean of balance as expected by your headquarter,

4. an observer, surfing around, consulting and analyzing the risks and opportunities out there in China, but fear of entering into the Chinese marketplace and keep waiting until now,

5. a watcher, not that just watching on what were happening out there in China, but seeking for beingtrustworthy served and lead into a right marketplace at a right time in China.

If you are one of the amongst above, you will never forgive yourself if you are still just watchingaround but doingnothing and passingour door for one more minute as you already aware of our existence. Because we are here to help you become a real excellent game player in China marketplace and say good-bye to a faulty guy, a loser, a balancer, an observer and a watcher as well.

Making a new chapter with change of fortune for your company in coming year of 2015, you will adventure with shocking in knowing that KDC is able to offer you more than you desire.



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