Foothold in China Agency




A. What types of services do we offer:

            1. Being as an importer of foreign goods or services; 

2. Being as clients’ newly start-up importing liaison agent or office for foreign goods and services;


3. Seeking for Chinese importer for foreign goods and services on behalf of clients;


4. Seeking Chinese manufacturing JV partner for buying foreign goods and services’ production license;


5. Being as an exporter of Chinese goods or services;


6. Being as clients’ newly start-up buying liaison agent or office for Chinese manufactured goods and services;


7. Seeking for Chinese manufacturers and exporters for goods and services made-in-China;


8. Marketing campaign execution on behalf of foreign client to promotion foreign goods and services;


9. Establish distribution channel for foreign goods or services;


10. Collecting samples of Chinese manufactured goods as required by foreign importers;


11. Inspection and Quality accreditation on Chinese manufactured goods as ready for export;


12. Verification of Chinese manufacturing JV partners’ background;


13. Verification of information provided by Chinese individual or corporation partners;


14. Bringing foreign clients to visit Chinese factories;


15. Participating and follow-up business talk or negotiation between foreign and local Chinese manufacturers.


B. What roles do we look our service as:

1. A Networking hub

– we help clients to broaden the exposure of their existence in China by establishing

connection with Chinese relation network;


2. A Contact point

– we help clients to establish a place of contact for those interested Chinese parties to keep

in contact with;.


3. Information exchange hub

– when all electronic communications are not fully and clearly satisfied for exchange of

business idea or intention between local Chinese firms and our foreign clients, we would

work as a information exchange hub for being as the elaborating agent between them;


4. A gateway

– when foreign clients are feeling lost with a right track or way to go for starting their business

in China, we serve them as a guide pointing the right direction of road;


5. Idea sharpening outpost

– when foreign clients are feeling of beating, bilk, mock, or confound with their

business decision or due to their misunderstanding of Chinese business climate, operation,

game, politic or culture, we will work as a sweeping outpost to help clients to clear up those

mysterious objects and sharpen up their realistic mind while making an appropriate

approach accomplishing in their business plan;


6. Sky shining post

– before proceeding a business step into a China market, foreign clients will normally have a

numerous suspicious precautions taken against the reliability, substantiality or reality of

information about something or someone, then we will help clients to sweep away all those

cloudy obstacles and get a clear sky of business road;


7. Adventure Programmer

– China is a huge and growing mine of markets for foreign corporations. But the target of

treasures are normally covered, hidden, or blocked up by no. of tangible and intangible

objects or obstacles which are needed to be removed correctly, carefully and accurately in

order to gain an expected benefit return or otherwise you may get left at all. Thus, we act as

an adventure leader to help clients to explore, identify, verify, sort out and clear up the messed

objects and information into some sort of useable and beneficial resources for matching with the

corporate goals of investment in China.


C. What characteristics do our services contain with:

1. Scalability

– our services are not limited to a particular size or nature of tasks entrusted by clients even if

we only serve for booking a hotel room or dealing with a Merge & Acquisition project for our



2. Flexibility

– we are not restricted to a fix term of service for considering collaboration should the client

has a better win-win idea for starting an entrustment between both parties;


3. Territory

– our services and activities are not restricted in the region of Shanghai only, but also

covering the whole nation of China;


4. Affordability

– in term of men power and financial capability, we have no limitation concern;


5. Seamless agent

– we serve clients with a goal for being as their best China business partner by representing,

reflecting, replicating and protecting flawless their mind, their eye, their idea, their heart,

criterion and expectation of benefit, profit or quality on goods, investment, projects or

services as desired from each of the entrusted tasks;


6. Replacer

– we treat ourselves as a tool to be acquired by foreign clients to achieve their commercial or

personal tasks of mission, objective or goal. As a tool purchased by clients, it should

always be working in orderly, timely, precisely, perfectly, smoothly, properly, reasonably,

stably, and trustiness to match, to please and to comfort with their desire, their mind, their

heart, their eye and their ear fully in our services. The best way to achieve this goal is to

act as a replacer of clients who look KDC’s administrative and operative resources as theirs

virtually set in Shanghai.



D. What goals do we aim to serve for:

1. To minimize the cost of each client’s intention by choosing the most realistic and possible options to meet with the target;


2. To maximize the percentage of profit return by spending the least of dollar invested by the clients;


3. To shorten the time of money return cycle by each client’s investment;


4. To keep aware of a best firewall protection against the risk occurrence on each client’s investment;


5. To secure each of our commitments to the clients;


6. To obtain client’s trust on our works;


7. To show our competence and competitiveness in the market;


8. To achieve the most as clients desired at the most affordable minimal price.


9. To provide the best service with satisfaction comfortably.




E. Why should you consider our services:

1. We really treat the clients as our boss and we are just as a staff working for them;


2. We will treat ourselves as the mirrored administrative zone and an operation depot which the clients may look these as theirs in China;


3. The clients may feel freely, safely and comfortably on each piece of entrusted task executed according to their mind, their heart, their eye, their ear that seem as they all operated flawless by themselves;


4. The clients will soon identify with the reality of our service commitments;


5. Our services are fully client care-oriented.



F. How do we charge on our services:

1. Base on length of time required for a specific task entrust;


2. Base on men power required for a specific task entrust;


3. Base on the nature of a specific task entrust;


4. Base on the complexity of the task entrust;


5. Base on the region of area covered for a specific task entrust;


6. Base on the financial resources incurred with a specific task entrust;


7. Base on the no. of third-parties involved in the specific task entrust;


8. Base on the risk or security of ourselves rise on a specific task entrust;


9. Base on the obligation and liability of ourselves rise in concern with the specific task entrust;


10.. Base on the sustainable term of reasonable profit margin obtained from a specific task entrust.