FIC Office




 A.    What types of services do we offer

       1. Providing services as a conventional business center normally do, like: taking incoming calls, faxes,

          correspondence mails and parcels; 


        2. Being as a rental business suite to cut down the minimal operation costs per month including personnel wage,

         administration wage, electricity fare etc.; 


      3. Providing office facilities for business operation, like: dedicated extension phone line, stationery, copier, printer,

         computer, broadband network and IT support service;


      4. Providing internal secretarial service, like: personal documentary works, personal activity itinerary setup and

         remind, taking notes and translation on meeting, follow-up after negotiation or meeting with others guest



B.    What roles do we look our services as:

      1. A secretary

      2. A messenger

      3. A liaison gateway

      4. A mirrored administrative zone

      5. A corporate development outpost

      6. A short term project base workstation

      7. A one-time conference room.


C.    Why should you consider our services:

      1. We guarantee our price is always the lowest comparatively in the market;                             

      2. We guarantee our price is open, flexible, affordable and negotiable according to the clients’ need and budget;

      3. Our service policies are humanized, opened and flexible according to the clients’ development need;

      4. Our services and prices are counting on company as a unit but not on no. of persons basis;

      5. We are located in the centre of Xu Hui Qu just closes by Shanghai Stadium, with a very convenient traffic

          network to all directions for other districts in Shanghai.


  D.    How do we charge on our services:

        1. Base on length of time required for occupation of room space and men power;

        2. Base on term of agreement set for room space and facilities required between both parties ;

        3. Base on the sustainable possibility of collaboration relationship between both parties.