IPO Project




IPO Project is a new milestone of business transformation for the company from being solely acted as an intermediary service agency during the past seven years to becoming as a real key player, planner, innovator, investor, executor and participant of an investment surrounding with the superior high-tech IPO oriented project which would be invented with the newly advanced leading futuristic technology bringing us the senses in concept, model, creativity, naturlity, convention, boundary, safety, reality, enjoyment, satisty, comfortability, economy, effectiveness, sincerity and comprehensiveness that will all be affected and comprised with human necessisties in coming decades.


IPO project will bring up overwhelming impact and new industrial revolution in smart computing world for the personal and business in coming short furture. At the same time, the existing key hardware, software and application players will serverely be facing with stress, challenge, bankrupt, takingover, merge or replacement by our newly affliated alliance of manufacturing collaborators.


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