Company search report




This is a fresh and unique custom-made company search specifically designed for the purpose of removing clients' uncertainties and doubts on risks of doing business with a new demanding client or supplying vendor or a JV cooperation in China prior to starting a business relationship with that company.

Before taking this order, KDC will take a serious aware of implementing the task entrusted by the client for the expected information about the searched company is legitimately and legally accepted by or conflicted with the law in Mainland China.

The Report is embedded with the following objectives:
1. to minimize the chance of getting lost in trusting a bad Chinese company;
2. to minimize the cost of risk while in business negotiating with a new company;
3. to increase the success rate while in business negotiating with a new company;
4. to increase the self-protection rate while in establishing a new business relation;
5. to untie a bunch of hazes of negative information about a new relation's background.

The features of the Report embedded with the following considerations:
1. All Report executors should be able to communicate in same language as client;
2. All Report executors are requested to secure the client's confidentiality of interests;
3. The Report will be written in bilingual of Chinese and client's mother tongue;
4. The Report format and content will be designed according to the client's expectation;
5. Before completion, the search job may be changed in direction if client requires.

The benefits of the Report designed for the clients are:
1. The client will understand the Report more easily in their mother tongue;
2. The client will feel more secure with the search job about their interests;
3. The client will find the Report easily recallable when written in their own language;
4. The client can foresee more clearly what their business position is going to be;
5. The client can save time and money in betimes on search job redirection if needed.

The price will be worked out according to the descending prioritized procedures:
1. A proof of reality of the client's will of acquisition for KDC service;
2. An initial acceptance of KDC quoting processes according to the client's specific needs;
3. A flexible calculating method in quote of item by item categorized by nature of jobs;
4. A confirmation of price on job will be signed after a quote is finally accepted by client;
5. An agreement will finally be signed for regulating all relevancies in detail about the job.




Subject to client's particular request, the content and definition of a real report may vary from its original means, KDC is not responsible for unmatched result as it is originally designed and reserves the ultimate rightto explain all possible outcomes.