Feasibility report




This is a fresh and unique custom-made report specifically designed for the purpose of removing clients' doubts and uncertainties on risks of a decision for an investment, an achievable & foreseeable opportunity or a JV cooperation in China prior to executing a business plan.

 Before starting any feasible measure, KDC will take a series of serious and sophisticated analysis of questions and processes to evaluate the reality and rationality of the clients' idea, plan or intention of outlining something new beyond. This is to aim at determining the possibility of success under the nation of China with possible blurred contradictories on the State policy, Cultural harmonious, Political risk, Security trap or others.

The Report is embedded with the following objectives:
1. to minimize the chance of getting into business rattrap by any fatal contradictory;
2. to increase stability for protecting long term profit return by removing uncertainties;
3. to increase accuracy on measureable impact of all possible obstacles of all kinds;
4. to increase the rate of seamless match with client outlined measures of all kinds;
5. to minimize the lost of time and money before preparing a huge investment cost.

The features of the Report include the following:
1. All Report researchers should be able to communicate in same language as clients;
2. All Report researchers should hold the knowledge to the clients' need of measures;
3. The Report will be written in bilingual of Chinese and clients' mother tongue;
4. The Report will be presented with sufficient understandable charts and forms;
5. Before completion, the research's direction or measure may amend in client's need.

The benefits of the Report designed for the clients are:
1. The clients will understand the Report more easily in their mother tongue;
2. The clients will feel more confident while their expected measures are fully matched;
3. The clients will find the Report easily recallable when written in their own language;
4. The clients can foresee more clearly what will their desired outlook be going to;
5. The clients can save time and money in betimes on measure redirection if needed.

The price will be worked out according to the descending prioritized procedures:
1. A proof of reality of the client's will of acquisition for KDC service;
2. An initial acceptance of KDC quoting processes according to the client's specific needs;
3. A flexible calculating method in quote of item by item categorized by nature of jobs;
4. A confirmation of price on job will be signed after a quote is finally accepted by client;
5. An agreement will finally be signed for regulating all relevancies in detail about the job.



Subject to client's particular request, the content and definition of a real report may vary from its original means, KDC is not responsible for unmatched result as it is originally designed and reserves the ultimate rightto explain all possible outcomes.