Market research report




This is a fresh and unique custom-made research specifically designed for the purpose of getting the accurate market status for a commodity, product, service, investment, project, JV cooperation in a particular region, city, or province in Mainland China before the client is making a tremendous business decision.

Before taking this order, KDC will take a serious study and aware of implementing the task of gathering the accurate market information for a particular commodity, product , service, investment, project, JV cooperation that the client intended to manufacture, launch, market or commit to the searched market in a particular region, city, or province in Mainland China.

The Report is embedded with the following objectives:
1. to minimize the chance of getting into production rattrap by market misunderstanding;
2. to minimize the lost of time and money before proceeding a huge production plan;
3. to minimize the investment lost on a blind market demand and supply;
4. to minimize the chance of making a wrong JV cooperation decision on the market size;
5. to increase the confident with accurate searched information on the market potential.

The features of the Report include the following:
1. All Report researchers should be able to communicate in same language as clients;
2. All Report researchers should hold the knowledge to the clients' need of search;
3. The Report will be written in bilingual of Chinese and clients' mother tongue;
4. The Report will be presented with sufficient understandable charts and forms;
5. Before completion, the research's direction or mean may amend in client's need.

The benefits of the Report designed for the clients are:
1. The clients will understand the Report more easily in their mother tongue;
2. The clients will feel more confident on searched data without knowledge distortion;
3. The clients will find the Report easily recallable when written in their own language;
4. The clients can foresee more clearly what will their market position be going to be;
5. The clients can save time and money in betimes on search redirection if needed.

The price will be worked out according to the descending prioritized procedures:
1. A proof of reality of the client's will of acquisition for KDC service;
2. An initial acceptance of KDC quoting processes according to the client's specific needs;
3. A flexible calculating method in quote of item by item categorized by nature of jobs;
4. A confirmation of price on job will be signed after a quote is finally accepted by client;
5. An agreement will finally be signed for regulating all relevancies in detail about the job.



Subject to client's particular request, the content and definition of a real report may vary from its original means, KDC is not responsible for unmatched result as it is originally designed and reserves the ultimate rightto explain all possible outcomes.